Meaning of fluttery in English:


Pronunciation /ˈflʌt(ə)ri/


  • 1Characterized by a fluttering or light flapping movement.

    ‘their fluttery wing beats are shallow and rapid’
    • ‘long, fluttery lashes’
    • ‘Their flight is quick and fluttery, and they frequently flick their wings.’
    • ‘The flight of these bats is fluttery and moth-like.’
    • ‘When you draw close to those fluttery blooms and inhale their rich perfume, you want them in your garden.’
    • ‘Birders witnessed their fluttery flights from South Beach and elsewhere along the Atlantic.’
    • ‘White doves have cut the air in a rush of fluttery light.’
    • ‘These early-blooming little flowers with fluttery petals might also be called the butterflies of the early spring garden.’
    • ‘Serotine bats' wing beats are much more fluttery and shallow and their flight is not as fast.’
    • ‘The fluttery beauty of butterflies and the friendly buzz of bees can bring a garden alive.’
    • ‘I loved how light, fluttery, and flirty my lashes looked.’
    • ‘She looked starry in a tulle ball gown with a plunging illusion neckline and fluttery full sleeves.’
    1. 1.1Medicine Demonstrating a slight disturbance of the rhythm of the heart.
      ‘an irregular, fluttery heartbeat’
      • ‘Have you actually taken your pulse when this fluttery feeling happens, to see if it really is fast.’
      • ‘I watched the fluttery pulse of my daughter's heartbeat during an early obstetric ultrasound.’
      • ‘I noticed some people actually experience depression while on the pill and the fluttery racing heart thing is a bad sign.’
      • ‘The vertigo went away and my vision returned, but my heartbeat stayed fluttery and rapid.’
      • ‘ My heart got that fluttery tickle in it and my hands tingled.’
      • ‘There may be a fluttery sensation in the chest, or a feeling of pounding heartbeats.’
      • ‘A fluttery heartbeat can also be a sign of a common condition called atrial fibrillation.’
      • ‘He had labored breathing and a weak, irregular, fluttery pulse.’
      • ‘This irregular heartbeat, which feels fluttery and is often quite rapid, means the electrical signals that prompt the heart have gone haywire.’
      • ‘Patients often feel their hearts pounding more forcefully than usual, skipping a beat, or describe a "fluttery" feeling—all of which count as palpitations.’
      • ‘Side-effects of an angiogram may include mild chest pains or a fluttery heartbeat during an angiogram.’
    2. 1.2In a state of tremulous excitement.
      ‘the situation was making me fluttery’
      • ‘She felt girlish and fluttery and didn't have a clue as to how to hold it all in.’
      • ‘ I felt as fluttery as a sophomore with a speaking part in Oklahoma.’
      • ‘When I watch his speeches, I get this little fluttery feeling.’
      • ‘I miss feeling that fluttery feeling in my stomach that I used to feel every time I thought about Jesse.’
      • ‘I feel continually nervous and fluttery inside.’
      • ‘A lot of the time I get a fluttery stomach too.’
      • ‘I am feeling so smiley and fluttery and just fighting the urge to giggle out loud.’
      • ‘I get all fluttery when the annual Style issue of the magazine comes out.’
      • ‘His wife is fluttery with excitement.’
      • ‘My face felt flushed, my stomach fluttery, and I had to restrain myself from nervous giggling.’