Meaning of fluxgate in English:


Pronunciation /ˈflʌksɡeɪt/


  • A device consisting of one or more soft iron cores each surrounded by primary and secondary windings, used for determining the characteristics of an external magnetic field from the signals produced in the secondary windings.

    as modifier ‘a fluxgate compass’
    • ‘More than 60 oriented samples were taken from these sequences to confirm the fluxgate determinations in the laboratory by thermal and alternating field (a.f.) stepwise demagnetization.’
    • ‘The MADS consists of two separate high-speed, 3-axes digital fluxgate magnetometers.’
    • ‘They were measured using a Molspin fluxgate magnetometer and subjected to partial thermal demagnetization using a Magnetic Measurements microprocessor-controlled demagnetizer.’
    • ‘Various kinds are available, but the most commonly used in archaeology is the fluxgate gradiometer with the direction-responsive sensors between 0.5m and 2.0m apart.’
    • ‘Spinner magnetometers utilize the rotating moment of the specimen to alter the current in a nearby fluxgate pick-up coil, of cylindrical or ring design.’