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mass noun, usually as modifier
  • A semi-automatic and typically computer-regulated system for controlling the flight of an aircraft or spacecraft.

    ‘sophisticated fly-by-wire technology’
    • ‘The fly-by-wire flight control system is triple redundant.’
    • ‘It will be fitted with a fly-by-wire flight control system developed for the Airbus range of civil airliners.’
    • ‘The pilot controls the aircraft through a computerised digital fly-by-wire system which provides artificial stabilisation and gust elevation to give good control characteristics throughout the flight envelope.’
    • ‘The aircraft has digital fly-by-wire controls and HOTAS (hands on throttle and stick).’
    • ‘The fly-by-wire system consists of a flight control computer, two pilot control sticks and sensors for pitch, roll and yaw measurement.’
    • ‘The industry is only a generation of cars away from fuel cells, mass fitment of on-board computer screens, and aircraft fly-by-wire technology.’
    • ‘We have the normal flight control that the safety pilot and the instructor flies, and we also have the experimental or the fly-by-wire set of flight controls.’
    • ‘The KC-10A's boom operator controls refueling operations through a digital fly-by-wire system.’
    • ‘Control of the fuel injection is through the engine control unit and a fly-by-wire throttle position sensor.’
    • ‘Original fly-by-wire designs in high-performance aircraft killed a lot of line pilots because they would ‘haul on the stick’ and unintentionally put the aircraft into a maneuver that exceeds human capacity.’
    • ‘I was going to have to do my best, trying to land a fly-by-wire aircraft onboard an aircraft carrier in bad weather, with the jet still in autopilot.’
    • ‘However, the manufacturers have a valid point in that we are quite happy to unthinkingly travel in fly-by-wire aircraft.’
    • ‘Can a mobile phone really cause a fly-by-wire computer-controlled aircraft to fall out of the sky?’
    • ‘There's no electronics, no traction control, no fly-by-wire throttles.’
    • ‘The F - 22, for example, was heavily dependent on fly-by-wire technology, which, at the time the system began its development, was not mature.’
    • ‘I'd like to see some other folks that come in that have some experience certainly in fly-by-wire systems, folks that have been doing it more recently than I have.’
    • ‘Next to fly-by-wire technology, and a hybrid engine, it's difficult to image how they can improve the next that constitutes a great leap forward.’
    • ‘The fly-by-wire throttle is so responsive that you just release the pressure on the pedal and it smoothes everything out.’
    • ‘The automotive equivalent of aircraft fly-by-wire comes to cars.’