Meaning of fly-post in English:




[with object]British
  • Put up (advertising posters) in unauthorized places.

    ‘Mr Bayley's offices in Holgate Road have twice been targeted by fly-posting protesters, firstly last month, and then earlier this month.’
    • ‘The secret organisation has fly-posted stickers on billboards and bus stops in the city centre with an ‘Up Yours’ message to the town hall blitz on litter louts and other environmental offenders.’
    • ‘The claims go against some of the opponents to the Coppergate Riverside scheme who recently fly-posted empty shops, claiming 150 were already standing empty.’
    • ‘Even the CCTV cameras in the town have been fly-posted.’
    • ‘A recent survey showed Manchester had Britain's most fly-posted street.’
    • ‘During the 100-day challenge, campaigners are tackling litter, fly-posting, graffiti, environmental crime and taking legal action against people who foul and pollute the environment.’
    • ‘The campaign, Challenge Manchester, has 76 days to run, but has already had a marked impact thanks to high-profile blitzes on litter, graffiti, fly-tipping and fly-posting.’
    • ‘The Government's Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Bill would give parish councils the powers to issue fixed penalty notices for litter, dog control, graffiti and fly-posting.’
    • ‘Organisations accredited by chief constables - which are thought to include private security guards - will be able to issue fines for offences such as fly-posting and graffiti.’
    • ‘Soon the team's powers will be extended to include graffiti, vandalism, abandoned vehicles and fly-posting.’
    • ‘‘Graffiti, fly-posting and general litter are a menace that can make people think no-one cares about their neighbourhood,’ he said.’
    • ‘The team will begin by removing graffiti and fly-posting from council property across the borough but if it is successful, the scheme could, in time, be extended to cover private properties.’
    • ‘Gander is also showing a large wall work made up of numerous pieces of paper stuck together, which might be some sort of commentary upon fly-posting as a metaphor for the human condition.’
    • ‘City of York Council has been handed new powers to clampdown on dog-fouling, graffiti, litter, fly-posting and night-time noise.’
    • ‘Litter, fly-posting and graffiti will be tackled in the 100 Days campaign, which started on January 12.’
    • ‘On-the-spot fines will be introduced for minor offences, such as dropping litter or chewing gum, graffiti and fly-posting.’
    • ‘But I get very frustrated by people who do not care about it and cause problems with litter, graffiti and fly-posting.’
    • ‘Major initiatives have already been announced to tackle graffiti, fly-posting and fly-tipping.’
    • ‘Now those who put their bins out too early, fly-tip, fly-post and refuse to clean up after their dogs can expect to feel the council's wrath.’
    • ‘If it's fly-posting they object to, then it's part of an old tradition.’


Early 20th century from on the fly at fly.