Meaning of fly-poster in English:




  • 1An advertising poster put up in an unauthorized place.

    ‘The scrutiny board also wants the council to get tough with businesses that generate litter, cracking down on flyers and fly-posters which end up as litter and stopping commercial refuse piling up in streets.’
    • ‘The 100-day campaign started on January 12 and has targeted everything from fly-tippers and dirty waterways to graffiti and fly-posters.’
    • ‘State Street's flowers and trees remain un-vandalised, vertical surfaces aren't covered in fly-posters and graffiti, traffic glides around calmly.’
    • ‘If anything, he said, the fact the venue wasn't being used for anything else had made it easier for the World Snooker team to prepare, once they had gone round and picked up all the old fly-posters.’
    • ‘Piccadilly House, thought to have been last used as an electrical goods shop, has been derelict for some time, and is covered in fly-posters.’
    • ‘Litter and dog bins, fly-tipping, graffiti, fly-posters and abandoned cars are all the responsibility of the service.’
    • ‘Not far from our Walmgate offices, on the corner with St Denys Road, is the unofficial fly-poster capital of York.’
    • ‘A raunchy nightclub fly-poster depicting a scantily clad woman in a nun's head dress was today branded ‘offensive’ and ‘very sad’ by the Catholic Church.’
    poster, advertisement, public notice, announcement
  • 2A person who fly-posts.

    ‘Firms that use fly-posters to advertise in Manchester have been named and shamed by environmentalists.’
    • ‘Since then wardens have been handing out fixed fines for littering and fly-posters have been warned they will be taken to court and could be hit with anti-social behaviour orders.’
    • ‘We are fighting back against the litter louts, the illegal fly-tippers and fly-posters and the vandals who deface the city with graffiti.’
    • ‘They branded the council's zero tolerance policy over fly-posters as bureaucracy gone mad after nearly all their signs for the popular market were removed.’