Meaning of fly-tip in English:




[no object]British
  • Illegally dump waste.

    ‘The government also announced new measures to control illegal dumping of waste, known as fly-tipping.’
    • ‘By charging people for household waste, wouldn't this lead to an increase in fly-tipping?’
    • ‘Some businesses now prefer to risk fly-tipping rather than dispose of their waste in the normal way.’
    • ‘There will also be a number of skips dotted around the estate for the day for residents to deposit bulkier waste and reduce the temptation to fly-tip.’
    • ‘Unlike the Environmental Police Force in Amsterdam, their remit doesn't extend to crimes such as flyposting, fly-tipping and graffiti.’
    • ‘If someone is trespassing, fly-tipping and causing damage to council property and a public nuisance, there is no argument, minority group or not.’
    • ‘In a major national campaign organised by Keep Britain Tidy, people are being asked to ring a hotline number and report on those they catch fly-tipping.’
    • ‘Residents continually complain to me about fly-tipping.’
    • ‘But traders were the worst culprits in the battle against fly-tipping.’
    • ‘If farmers were required to be responsible to deal with fly-tipping, how many trailers and tractors do you think would be required?’
    • ‘But when the council said that he had been fly-tipping, he begged to differ.’
    • ‘I would understand if we were fly-tipping, but I was doing it on my own land.’
    • ‘City council bosses are urging anyone who witnesses fly-tipping to pick up the phone and call the hotline.’
    • ‘As it is the centre's grounds are neglected, unkempt, and subject to fly-tipping.’
    • ‘The council will have to address this problem if they don't want fly-tipping all over the borough.’
    • ‘The area has been plagued by fly-tipping and motorists emptying rubbish from cars.’
    • ‘Farmers could soon face the new financial threat of having to pay for the removal of rubbish fly-tipped on their land.’
    • ‘But during this time some of it was taken and fly-tipped in a field off Holtby Lane.’
    • ‘People who fly-tip should be hit in the pocket with fines or something like that, rather than everybody else having to suffer.’
    • ‘He said: ‘I think it is getting worse because the cost of tipping has increased, so for some businesses it is easier to fly-tip.’’


1960s from on the fly at fly.