Meaning of fly boy in English:

fly boy



informal North American
  • A pilot, especially one in the air force.

    • ‘I'll tell ya, nothin more eye opening than a couple of them fly boys droppin’ a few Napes right on your bacon.’
    • ‘No doubt was in the corpulent man that the fly boys were snoozing away, most likely recovering from intoxication from their little victory celebration earlier today.’
    • ‘Neither one of them was used to dealing with dead bodies; fly boys dropped bombs, but never saw the bodies, and psychiatrists rarely had to kill their patients.’
    • ‘At first he'd wondered if the clean-cut fly boys who risked their lives making low altitude parachute drops behind the iron curtain knew what their cargo was.’
    • ‘It was 100 years ago this month that Orville and Wilbur Wright became famed fly boys, inventing what they call a flying machine.’
    • ‘‘Commander, think fast,’ Alison said as she bumped into the former fly boy.’
    • ‘The Army boys showed Air Force how to play basketball at the recent 2003 NSW Inter-service Basketball Competition, beating the fly boys 65-58 and stealing the title for the first time in nine years.’
    • ‘‘I ran away to become a fly boy,’ he said mischievously.’
    airman, airwoman, flyer, aeronaut