Meaning of fly into a rage in English:

fly into a rage


(also fly into a temper)
  • Become suddenly or violently angry.

    ‘I have met men who can fix a broken kettle or a toaster without flying into a temper and shouting at the kids.’
    • ‘If everything was not perfect he could fly into a rage.’
    • ‘She suspected her mother would fly into a rage if she asked her this question.’
    • ‘She would line all her toys up on the drive and if one was moved would fly into a rage.’
    • ‘AN 18-year-old flew into a rage when he thought his girlfriend was involved with another man.’
    • ‘Her mother said she didn't believe her, flew into a rage, and threw her out of the house.’
    • ‘Ian flew into a rage, vowing never to speak to his younger brother or wife again.’
    • ‘All I did was stick my tongue out and he flew into a rage.’
    • ‘When Teresa refused he flew into a violent rage, and seriously assaulted her.’