Meaning of fly spray in English:

fly spray

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  • A substance sprayed from an aerosol that kills flying insects.

    ‘I presume that many of them are pesticides sprayed on our foods, fly sprays, and household products, as well as building materials.’
    • ‘I discharged several sprays of nerve gas fly spray into the room, shut the bedroom door and then waited half an hour for it work.’
    • ‘We are wondering whether this means flea powders and fly sprays.’
    • ‘If you feel that you need to use a fly spray, you may have success with the following recipe.’
    • ‘That weed was either pure head, or sprayed with fly spray.’
    • ‘You can use fly sprays on your horses and in non-manure areas where adult flies congregate, such as a sunny outside barn wall.’
    • ‘The best fly control programs incorporate more than just applying the fly spray du jour.’
    • ‘Somewhere else, a woman has tried poisoning herself with fly spray and a 13-year-old boy has drunk shampoo.’
    • ‘They ran the gamut from fly spray to radio waves, underground gas pockets, flying saucers and more.’
    • ‘Now I think about it, this is a pretty effective fly spray, but not necessarily the most humane (Cam was pretty mortified).’
    • ‘Anita panicked, and emptied a can of fly spray over it.’
    • ‘Morgan stepped inside the screen door, and gulped, like a hero about to face an evil dragon, or a cockroach about to face some fly spray.’
    • ‘Following are some of the basic supplies you will need: lead rope, halter, hoof pick, grooming tools and fly spray.’
    • ‘I shuddered again - where was a can of fly spray when you needed it?’
    • ‘Don't forget brushes, fly spray, show sheen and other tools that will help your horse look his best.’
    • ‘Quickly applying fly spray to his now glossy coat, she gazed around for another stable hand.’
    • ‘Trek packed a hoof pick, hard brush and a bottle of fly spray inside his bags.’