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flying bomb

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  • A small pilotless aircraft with an explosive warhead, especially a V-1.

    ‘It seems a little ridiculous to make fairly complex aircraft into flying bombs, which is likely the reason behind the move to the ‘Project F’ and its no-frills design.’
    • ‘Barrage balloon cables tore the wings off more than 200 V-1 flying bombs during 1944-5.’
    • ‘Altogether, just over 10,000 flying bombs were launched against England.’
    • ‘For those who were in the mood for some pyrotechnics, this is the result of all the rockets and flying bombs: 30 calls to the fire service to attend to fires.’
    • ‘ON occasion you have described the huge number of V1 flying bombs and V2 rockets which fell in the borough in the later years of the Second World War.’
    • ‘So began London's doodlebug summer, with more than 2000 flying bombs launched from occupied France creating sudden havoc and destruction, especially across the south and east of the city.’
    • ‘The flying bomb was Hitler's latest deadly weapon, fired from occupied France, aimed at London and dropping randomly from the sky onto an unsuspecting target.’
    • ‘Mrs Day remembers: ‘The flying bombs had started falling on London, and we were spending nearly all day and night in our air raid shelter.’’
    • ‘These are flying bombs that hug the ground to avoid radar as they near a pre-programmed target, then use smart imaging systems to lock on to the target and make necessary final-course corrections.’
    • ‘Ultimately, Polish pilots destroyed at least 900 German planes, 190 V - 1 flying bombs and 1000 German tanks.’
    • ‘There is substantial new information on the pilots who gained success against the V- 1 flying bombs during 1944-45.’
    • ‘The first German V2 flying bombs fell in Britain.’
    • ‘During World War II she struggled to bring up her large family while her husband was posted away to a gun battery on the south coast, to help bring down the flying bombs that threatened London.’
    • ‘The plant would also produce V1 flying bombs and parts for Junkers 88 bombers before the end of the war.’
    • ‘Such batteries, deployed on the South Coast, eventually achieved a commendable destruction rate against flying bombs.’
    • ‘Jane was born in Queen Charlotte's hospital at about the worst of the flying bombs in 1944.’
    • ‘The Meteor was the first military aircraft to be powered by the jet engine and it is seen performing the dangerous but effective technique of ‘tipping’ a V1 flying bomb to knock it off course.’
    • ‘During World War Two the pub took a direct hit from a V1 flying bomb which not only destroyed the building but also devastated the immediate area.’