Meaning of flying cane toad in English:

flying cane toad


humorous Australian
  • A name for any bird regarded as a pest, especially the mynah.

    ‘we should breed more of these eagles to cull the flying cane toads’
    • ‘Australian beekeepers are forming an army of volunteers to do battle with what they call the flying cane toad.’
    • ‘The plane, in Madi's eyes, looked like a flying cane toad.’
    • ‘Come and have a field day shooting flying cane toads.’
    • ‘They are flying cane toads -- a menace and notoriously hard to foil.’
    • ‘Come to North Queensland and see for yourself what a pest these flying cane-toads really are.’
    • ‘The Common Myna is referred to by some people as a "flying cane toad" and its range is still on the increase.’
    • ‘The flying cane toad is a disparaging name for the Indian myna bird, introduced into Australia in the 1860s.’
    • ‘They are such a pest they've earned the name 'garbage birds' or 'flying cane toads'.’