Meaning of flying change in English:

flying change


  • A movement in riding in which the leading leg in the canter position is changed without loss of speed while the horse is in the air.

    ‘The more difficult dressage test caught several riders, with the counter canter to flying change section appearing to cause the most difficulty.’
    • ‘Pat and Magic continued to wow the crowd with canter half pass to flying change to canter half pass, perfect halts, and trotting backward.’
    • ‘‘Most of the mistakes come because we are too quick with our aids,’ Schumacher said, whether that is in a trot-walk transition or a flying change.’
    • ‘It was a joy to watch her in perfect fluid movement with her horse, performing moves like the half pass, flying change, piaffe and many others.’
    • ‘The problem was at flying changes, he couldn't turn from left to right but generally he was very relaxed.’