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flying fish

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  • A fish of warm seas that leaps out of the water and uses its winglike pectoral fins to glide over the surface for some distance.

    Family Exocoetidae: several genera and species, in particular Exocoetus volitans

    ‘The answer is that they often consume flying fish, which leap over the water's surface, and sometimes rob other birds of a meal.’
    • ‘I shot off reel after reel of film on the oceanic birds following the ship, shared in the watch on the depth finder, watched whales in the distance and penguins porpoising through the water like flying fish.’
    • ‘The open ocean indeed is too big to comprehend - 360 million square km of seawater constantly traversed by great ocean travellers - blue fin tuna, giant jelly fish, turtles and flying fish.’
    • ‘You may also observe jaegers, terns, and petrels as they make their long ocean journey and be rewarded with views of flying fish and the occasional humpback whale.’
    • ‘Not exactly flying as birds, their flight path was more of a glide, akin to flying fish or squirrels on earth.’


flying fish

/ˈflʌɪɪŋ fɪʃ/ /ˌflʌɪɪŋ ˈfɪʃ/