Meaning of flying lizard in English:

flying lizard


  • An arboreal SE Asian lizard which has expanding membranes along the sides of the body, used for gliding between trees.

    Also called dragon, flying dragon

    Genus Draco, family Agamidae: several species

    ‘Here's where we also saw a flying lizard zoom from one side of the yard to the other to land on the side of a tree where we could study it through our binoculars.’
    • ‘Though only birds, insects, and bats can truly fly, many animals, such as flying squirrels and flying lizards, have evolved wing-like flaps of skin for floating - at least briefly - on air.’
    • ‘As they grew closer I could see that they were flying lizards.’
    • ‘Bru-shon roared to his camp, gesturing to the giant flying lizard.’
    • ‘The group ran toward the black flying lizard, as did all the other surrounding ranchers who were toiling in the field.’