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flying officer


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  • A rank of commissioned officer in the RAF, above pilot officer and below flight lieutenant.

    ‘With the garrison squadron defined as only its complement of flying officers and essential technical and administrative support, the unit size is manageable for an Air Force major's career experience.’
    • ‘In WWII, Mr Bailey flew 75 operational missions with 75SQN in New Guinea, New Britain and Dutch New Guinea and discharged from the RAAF as a flying officer.’
    • ‘She began her career at the rank of flying officer and was posted to many bases.’
    • ‘The officer's mess with essentially the same dual schedule, but fewer men overall, served both ground and flying officers (perhaps at different tables, I don't know: I was never invited).’
    • ‘With the war over, I was discharged with others as surplus flying officers.’
    • ‘She follows in the footsteps of her sister flying officer Nosheen Chaudry who is now an engineering officer serving at the Royal Naval air station Yeovilton.’
    • ‘The air corps is often the breeding ground for the future careers of successful flying officers and is open to young people between the ages of 13 and 21.’
    • ‘Green, an electrician, was an experienced pilot, a member of the New Plymouth Aero Club and a flying officer in the No 2 Bombing Squadron of the Territorial Reserve for the RNZAF.’
    • ‘During the First World War, a Russian flying officer named Roskowitzki claimed to have seen the ‘wreckage of a fair sized ship’ on the south side of Mount Ararat.’
    • ‘He was a flying officer before making the supreme sacrifice in June 1944.’