Meaning of flyleaf in English:


Pronunciation /ˈflʌɪliːf/

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nounplural noun flyleaves

  • A blank page at the beginning or end of a book.

    ‘This begins to explain why, on the flyleaves of many books by internationally known Caribbean authors, it is not uncommon to find a dedication to Henry Swanzy.’
    • ‘In fact all photographs of the author in the flyleaves of books in his lengthy series are ambiguous.’
    • ‘Yet the flyleaf describes this book as a ‘haunting memoir [that] weaves together the life of a mother and daughter caught in the web of that mother's ambition.’’
    • ‘Can you be sure that there isn't a fond inscription written inside the flyleaf of the book your aunt gave you last December, which you are now palming off on your friend?’
    • ‘You may be tempted to steal a glance inside the flyleaf of the book jacket and study the black-and-white photograph of the writer.’
    • ‘O'Neill's own photograph on the flyleaf of the book shrieks gravitas, but in real life he's a charmer.’
    • ‘Again, even before the title page and immediately following the flyleaf, there is a list of ‘Style and usage labels’.’
    • ‘Instead, there are hundreds of strips, scraps, paste-downs, and flyleaves to be found, matched, deciphered, and transcribed.’
    • ‘Following the flyleaf advertisements on the books became a great way to find other gay male pulps.’
    • ‘Readers writing in books usually takes the form of notes in the side margins of a book, though there are those who will scribble on the flyleaf or fill up the endpapers.’
    • ‘In his will, Michele d' Alessio stipulated that any unbound volumes should be bound, and that each book should be annotated on its flyleaf with his name as donor.’
    • ‘You may find on the flyleaf the signature of ‘Col X’ with the date, ‘2 Nov 1933’.’
    • ‘He reread, as he read, with obsessed intentness, filling flyleaves with pencilled codes that helped him retrieve any beauty, any bathos.’
    • ‘When he peeked inside at the flyleaf he saw the simpering face, the tuft of copper hair that screamed ‘Tintin ‘, the shifty eyes that looked out through a pair of tortoise-shell glasses.’’
    • ‘The copy was presented by the author to Claudio Gremese, a witness in this case, on 27 April 1992, shortly before the priority date of the patent, and its flyleaf is inscribed accordingly…’
    • ‘Digging a little farther down in the litter of items at my feet, I discovered a first-edition KKK ritual with Z.'s name written on the flyleaf.’
    • ‘My daughter Debbie gave me Bridget Jones' Diary, and she wrote on the flyleaf, ‘I'm so glad you're not like Bridget Jones's mother’.’
    • ‘The flyleaf gives no biography or history on the author and I must admit a net search turned up only the review book itself, so I am led to believe that this may have been his first published effort.’
    • ‘Corresponding to these marks are five small actual holes piercing the thickness of the paper cover to reveal glints of the flyleaf beneath.’
    • ‘With these lines from Rudyard Kipling's poem on the flyleaf, begins one of the most exciting, thrilling and disturbing novels about war.’
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