Meaning of Flynn in English:


Pronunciation /flɪn/


‘A few million non-votes from people like me, and the Dimmies are in like Flynn, just like in 1992 when we socked it to ol’ ‘Read My Lips’ himself.’
  • ‘And as soon as we structure our business as a Maori authority, we will be in like Flynn at the 19.5 percent rate.’
  • ‘Shonky solicitors were in like Flynn, acting for both vender and purchaser on the same deal.’
  • ‘Once you're in, you're in - and she's in like Flynn.’
  • ‘Its followers are mostly female, so if you're a dude who can nod convincingly while sitting cross-legged, you're in like Flynn.’
  • ‘He went on to confirm, however, that if he thought for one minute he could have mustered the numbers: ‘I would be in like Flynn.’’
  • ‘If you can finagle from me, or guess, or steal, those characters, then you're in like Flynn, baby.’


    be in like Flynn
    • Act quickly and impetuously; seize an opportunity.


1940s probably from Errol Flynn (see Flynn, Errol), known for his wild behaviour.