Meaning of flysch in English:


Pronunciation /flɪʃ/


mass nounGeology
  • A sedimentary deposit consisting of thin beds of shale or marl alternating with coarser strata such as sandstone or conglomerate.

    ‘Synorogenic flysch deposits were laid down in front of the advancing allochthonous complexes, and were overridden by them.’
    • ‘There, the most widespread Ordovician flysch is the Garin Formation.’
    • ‘He interpreted pre-Easdale Subgroup rocks as flysch and subsequent molasse derived from a Knoydartian orogen.’
    • ‘The mineralization is hosted by flysch rocks (of Triassic age) cut by dikes.’
    • ‘The thickness of the shallow marine formations is up to 150 m, and the bathyal flysch is up to 4 km thick.’


Mid 19th century from Swiss German dialect.