Meaning of flywire door in English:

flywire door


  • A door fitted with a fine mesh that allows ventilation and keeps out flying insects.

    ‘he eased the flywire door open and stepped inside’
    • ‘The smell of insect repellent and eucalyptus and the distant constant slowly listless bang of the fly wire door.’
    • ‘The fly-wire door screeched and slapped.’
    • ‘Fit a full-length, strong metal mesh flywire door on the outside.’
    • ‘I could hear the flywire door banging viciously against the wooden door frame.’
    • ‘Mum's suggestion of putting a sliding flywire door in the gap in our enclosed back verandah was eagerly taken up.’
    • ‘Ssecond oldest sister comes flying out from behind the flywire door.’
    • ‘The flywire door was snibbed from the inside.’
    • ‘His boots he carried with him, creeping barefoot through the broken flywire door that led across the back verandah.’
    • ‘My visitor had remained on the other side of the flywire door.’
    • ‘Her mum greets her disapprovingly at the flywire door.’