Meaning of fnarr fnarr in English:

fnarr fnarr

(also fnar fnar)

Pronunciation /fnɑː ˈfnɑː/


informal British
  • Used to represent sniggering, typically at a sexual innuendo.

    • ‘That's some package! (Said the bishop to the actress, fnarr fnarr)’
    • ‘But I have seen a lot of birds in my time (the feathery type I mean, not the other type, fnarr fnarr).’
    • ‘Of course, associating it with a toilet tends to lend a sort of fnarr fnarr quality to the whole thing as well.’
    • ‘Since I haven't done it (fnarr fnarr) for a couple of years, there was plenty to choose from.’
    • ‘Dobson is notorious in Westminster for his dirty jokes - but the civic value of smut is unclear, and the prospect of spin doctors promoting the fnarr fnarr factor is depressing.’
    • ‘The ladies also put up a good fight, particularly shapechanger-extraordinaire Mystique, who to the delight of many male members (fnar fnar) in the audience continues to wear nothing more than body paint while performing her kicks and body flips.’
    • ‘It's finally happened! Bollywood's hottest real-life couple have united on the big screen (fnar fnar).’


1980s perhaps imitative of the sound of suppressed laughter.