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Pronunciation /fəʊl/

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  • A young horse or related animal.

    ‘Most prepared diets for foals and young growing horses are extremely high in sugar.’
    • ‘Most predation probably occurs on foals and elderly animals.’
    • ‘The entire tribe, excepting young foals and their mothers, was out, fighting.’
    • ‘She wheeled around quickly and saw a young boy, maybe 11, holding onto the reigns of a young foal.’
    • ‘She knew every one of them, from the youngest foal to Fenris' fearsome warhorse.’
    • ‘He brought the pure white horses and their golden foals.’
    • ‘The red brick school, the church wall, 21 Clydesdale horses and four foals watch impassively as progress rushes past.’
    • ‘I might have one of his foals for my own horse, but that was a ways away.’
    • ‘In summary, it appears that stomach ulcers are a common finding in foals and working horses.’
    • ‘I really hate it when there are tourists and they go up and stroke the horses, particularly the foals.’
    • ‘Andrew has a dog called Chloe and two horses and a foal.’
    • ‘She raised this horse from a foal and she loved him to pieces.’
    • ‘Similar to a paternity suit, the owners must prove they do not know which horse sired the foal.’
    • ‘Then one day, he noticed that a mare, a stallion and a foal had crossed the fence into the park.’
    • ‘The mares (up to five or six) of the stallion's subsequent conquests and their foals will fall into line accordingly.’
    • ‘Make sure that foals are handled often and that young horses get plenty of fresh air and time out to play.’
    • ‘After producing a foal, her periods of estrus are more difficult to detect, and she remains with the father of her offspring.’
    • ‘Whether you plan on keeping or selling the foal, breed for a horse with an agreeable character.’
    • ‘After a normal gestation period, the cloned foals are born.’
    • ‘Less than half of the foals born survive through the first year.’
    young donkey, young horse, young mule, young pony
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  • 1(of a mare) give birth to a foal.

    ‘Middlesex Drive will stand for $2,500, with special consideration to mares foaling in Pennsylvania.’
    • ‘His stud fee has been set at $2,500, with a $500 discount to mares foaling in the state.’
    • ‘Three to six weeks before foaling, the mare's udder usually begins to develop.’
    • ‘Eating infected fescue often causes extended pregnancies in mares, resulting in foaling problems.’
    • ‘The mare must foal in British Columbia and be bred back to a stallion standing in the province.’
    • ‘A 30-mL sample of colostrum and a 6-mL sample of the foal's blood were collected immediately after foaling.’
    • ‘Detroit, the 1980 French Horse of the Year, died on May 20 at Swettenham Stud in England following complications while foaling.’
    • ‘The best measures you can take include making sure the mare has good quality alfalfa or grass hay available, as well as a suitable location for foaling.’
    • ‘Therefore, close observation is necessary to ensure that appropriate nursing occurs in the first hours after foaling.’
    • ‘Inbreeding may account for the fact that far fewer than half of all breeding mares foal each year.’
    • ‘As I already told you, two days after my mare foaled I did.’
    • ‘Peasant is out of the unraced Cipayo mare Nashira, who died in 2001 from laminitis after foaling a filly by Acceptable.’
    • ‘That didn't surprise Ben in the least since also in the barn was one of their prized mares, ready to foal at any time.’
    • ‘Within 6 months of foaling the weaning process begins.’
    • ‘In March, Ingot Way died at Summer Wind Farm near Georgetown, Kentucky, at the age of 21 after foaling a colt by Awesome Again.’
    • ‘Bonny just had one foal, but Dennis's Uncle Tom, who farmed at Barton, near Preston, had a mare that foaled around the same time.’
    • ‘He said that Tres Fine will ship north to foal in Kentucky.’
    • ‘About four years ago, Susan was called out of town on business when three mares were due to foal.’
    • ‘After the neighbor's mare foaled amid a flood of amniotic fluid, the estrogen left her urine and Timothy's flame trees died.’
    • ‘She was sent to England, where she foaled the Kingmambo filly, to be bred to the ill-fated Dubai Millennium.’
    1. 1.1be foaled(of a foal) be born.
      ‘The overall statistics include 157 progeny covered by North American stallions that were foaled outside the continent.’
      • ‘The overall statistics include 185 progeny sired by North American stallions that were foaled abroad.’
      • ‘Her last foal was the Storm Cat filly Dreamlike, who was foaled in 1997 but is unraced.’
      • ‘A full brother to the deceased colt was foaled on April 20; Dance Smartly is currently in foal to Thunder Gulch.’
      • ‘Young Kenny was foaled at his trainer Peter Beaumont's Foulrice Farm near Brandsby, north of York.’


    in foal
    • (of a mare) pregnant.

      ‘He is waiting to see if one of his precious mares is in foal.’
      • ‘There are mares in foal in nearby fields on top of the fact that it is lambing season.’
      • ‘She stopped at the stall of a bay mare heavy with foal.’
      • ‘Also included in the catalog are mares in foal to young stallions Sakhee, Golan, Daylami, and Noverre.’
      • ‘The young attractive mares in foal to good stallions always sell well, but beyond that I'm not sure what to expect.’
      • ‘Other mares will be sold in foal to Alphabet Soup, El Prado, Golden Missile, Lit de Justice, Running Stag, and Wild Rush.’
      • ‘Norwegian Wood, an unraced mare believed to be in foal to Millennium Wind, is a half sister to 1994 Horse of the Year and multiple Grade 1 winner Holy Bull.’
      • ‘Jennymeg, a seven-year-old mare in foal to Two Punch, brought a session-topping price of $50,000 from Hector Alcalde.’
      • ‘Mermaid's Tale, an unraced six-year-old mare believed to be in foal to Unbridled's Song, brought the third-highest price of the session.’
      • ‘Three mares listed in foal to Danjur, who set a track record for five furlongs in winning the 1996 Churchill Downs Turf Sprint Stakes, are in the catalog.’


Old English fola, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch veulen and German Fohlen, also to filly.