Meaning of foam-backed in English:



  • Having a backing layer made of foam rubber.

    ‘a foam-backed carpet’
    • ‘An example of the process is producing a seat back for an automobile, wherein foam-backed fabric sheets are mated with a polypropylene substrate.’
    • ‘The material includes a foam-backed piece of PVC skin.’
    • ‘Materials range from mahogany to wool and linen rugs, with foam-backed PVC somewhere in between.’
    • ‘If you were to peel away the plastic (a foam-backed thermoplastic olefin) from the instrument panel, you'd discover a one-piece magnesium casting.’
    • ‘The rubber is about an eighth of an inch thick, and it is grippy, not like those lame foam-backed mousepads.’
    • ‘It is found in adhesive oximetry sensors, foam-backed electrodes, and wound dressings.’
    • ‘Floors were covered with quiet foam-backed rubber to give sound insulation of 45 decibels to cope with the noise of 'bongo drums and tap dancing'.’
    • ‘The company featured many high-end offerings for the heat-seal market, such as foam-backed, puffy 3D animal and fruit appliques for children's clothing.’
    • ‘It makes my foam-backed bit of card look quite inadequate.’
    • ‘Keep the floors covered with close-fitted carpet with a foam backed underfelt or underlay.’