Meaning of foam board in English:

foam board


mass noun
  • A type of thin, pliable polystyrene board used for insulation and in arts and crafts.

    ‘The main types of litter were polystyrene foam board and large fertiliser type bags.’
    • ‘‘A lot of manufacturers use foam board between the studs for insulation,’ Dave says.’
    • ‘Southern Moulding also carries four major lines of mat-board, as well as glass, foam board and additional supplies.’
    • ‘I called ahead, and Bridget had already gone out and bought glue, foam board, and anything else we needed.’
    • ‘It includes glass, matboard, foam board, supplies and equipment for each stage of framing.’
    • ‘Rigid foam board insulation is also used during new construction; it's usually installed as roof or wall sheathing before the roofing or siding is applied.’
    • ‘Rigid foam board insulation is tacked onto the exterior sheathing, fortifying the thermal shield.’
    • ‘An acrylic-polymer coat is sprayed or applied onto a base of fiberglass mesh and foam board insulation.’
    • ‘Usually done with rigid foam board (such as Styrofoam), such insulation can yield significant energy savings.’
    • ‘Unique and distinctive shapes of paper can be made by cutting stencils from waterproof material such as acrylic or foam board.’
    • ‘The chosen paintings were first mounted onto the mat board pieces and then onto a larger piece of 1/4-inch-thick foam board.’
    • ‘A strip of 1/4-inch-thick foam board was used, as a tool, to make a trough by pressing it lengthwise into the clay.’
    • ‘Cut two circles of the same size from foam board.’
    • ‘Standing up on that large foam board in the white wash, I knew I was hooked.’
    • ‘He developed a custom compartment from acid-free foam board to hold each magazine within the frame.’
    • ‘Josie grabbed our foam board and propped it up in a chair at the front.’
    • ‘I floated the art and mat on acid-free foam board to create some interesting shadows.’
    • ‘The most common application calls for two coats applied over an insulating foam board nailed to exterior-wall sheathing.’
    • ‘Caulking the seams of the plywood (or the foam board insulation) is one way.’
    • ‘Roll Lumina Clay out about 1/16-inch thickness and tightly cover the foam board with the Lumina.’