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focal point


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  • 1The point at which rays or waves meet after reflection or refraction, or the point from which diverging rays or waves appear to proceed.

    ‘The lens that picks up the light from the focal point is called the eyepiece lens.’
    • ‘This spreads the light away from the center of the lens and moves the focal point forward.’
    • ‘An ellipse is a flattened circle whose properties are governed by two ‘foci’, or focal points, equidistant from its centre.’
    • ‘Accommodative effort and retinal blur can be minimised by bifocal glasses, which change the focal point for near work.’
    • ‘The focal point is adjusted for a second different set of wavelengths of light.’
    • ‘Each cell is shown at seven different focal points separated by 1-m distances in the z-axis (dist.).’
    main feature, focal point, focus, focus of attention, centre of interest, most interesting part, cynosure
    1. 1.1The centre of interest or activity.
      ‘the community shop is the focal point of the village’
      • ‘The festival is a focal point for moral reflection and being especially charitable to others.’
      • ‘It's the home of The Bandwagon, a night that has become a focal point for a new wave of Liverpool groups.’
      • ‘They were all or nothing, the focal point of the whole three years of study.’
      • ‘This year, however, the two divergent focal points converged more seamlessly.’
      • ‘Norms can also impart a sense of identity and shared values which can provide a focal point to energize and revitalize the group.’
      • ‘It seems the car park has become something of a focal point for young people to meet and play music from car stereos.’
      • ‘This was one of the focal points of Central European modern dance just prior to, and during, the First World War.’
      • ‘For they were all eager to be the focal point of unification and centralization.’
      • ‘In the early twentieth century, the focal point of social interaction was the local market town.’
      • ‘These marae are community focused and they provide a focal point for community action.’
      • ‘Such areas of prestige form focal points which transmit innovations into the surrounding hinterland.’
      • ‘For three weeks, Meadowlands forms a focal point for soccer lovers across the social spectrum.’
      • ‘The plane will be the focal point of a new static aircraft display which is expected to attract thousands of visitors when it opens in May.’
      • ‘The focal point of the memorial is a circular emblem on the central pillar.’
      • ‘Wheeler's love and Bell's book are twin focal points for the enigmas of truth and semblance.’
      • ‘They may serve either as the focal point of a piece of jewelry or as components of the overall design.’
      • ‘It was a comparative analysis of the Legislature's performance with all its core sections being focal points.’
      • ‘In this chapter, however, two approaches will be examined that treat language as their central focal points.’
      • ‘The hotel has always been and will continue to be the central focal point in Robertstown.’
      • ‘Who assigns focal points to a given risk issue?’
      centre, focal point, central point, centre of attention, hub, pivot, nucleus, heart, cornerstone, linchpin, kingpin, bedrock, basis, anchor, backbone, cynosure
      focal point, point of convergence