Meaning of focus puller in English:

focus puller



  • An assistant to a film or television cameraman, who is responsible for keeping the lens focused during filming.

    ‘That is the job of the cameraman, the focus puller, camera assistant etc.’
    • ‘He works as a focus puller in a film studio, and devotes his free time to his ‘documentary’.’
    • ‘When he returned to England he opened a photographic studio in Soho before working as a clapper boy at Sound City and as a focus puller and camera operator at Elstree.’
    • ‘We had a very small crew - just him, his focus puller, his top professional assistant, and a few NYU guys.’
    • ‘Employed as a focus puller for Water, he was an assistant camera operator for Muriel's Wedding, The Thin Red Line, The Beach and is currently working on the latest Star Wars production in Sydney.’
    • ‘The cameraman doesn't have time to focus, so the focus puller ends up running around constantly.’
    • ‘The focus puller was the biggest hero on our set because we were very free to move where we wanted to.’
    • ‘One evening we would have one focus puller, the other night we would have somebody else.’
    • ‘A gaffer, or chief electrician, on a fairly low-budget film can now earn as much as £1,600 a week, and even focus pullers get £900 to £1,200.’