Meaning of fody in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfəʊdi/

nounplural noun fodies

  • A songbird of the weaver family occurring in Madagascar and islands in the Indian Ocean, the male of which typically has mainly red plumage.

    Genus Foudia, family Ploceidae: several species

    ‘Whilst the fodies have attracted much conservation and research effort, the blue pigeons have not.’
    • ‘The native fodies may also face competition from the Madagascar fody, which has been introduced to Mauritius.’
    • ‘When adult terns are disturbed, the fody tips the egg from its branch onto the ground to smash it and then eats it.’
    • ‘This could provide a major, sustainable, contribution to the conservation of the fody and other highly endangered Mauritian birds.’
    • ‘Glad you saw the fodies, they have since your visit been captive breeding them and released 8 birds just prior to Xmas on Ile Aux Aigrette!’


Alocal word.