Meaning of FOI in English:



mainly British
  • Freedom of information (with reference to the public's legal right of access to information held by government agencies and public authorities).

    ‘train operating companies were sent FOI requests asking how many of their directors were on six-figure salaries’
    • ‘an official document that fell within the scope of FOI laws’
    • ‘The files were made public following FOI requests.’
    • ‘A spokeswoman from the borough's council housing, said: "When responding to FOI requests we have to operate within the letter of the law."’
    • ‘"I think the FOI Act will make a radical difference to the way politicians behave."’
    • ‘FOI has already begun to change the way government makes information available to the public.’
    • ‘But for every case like this, which reveals why FOI is necessary, there are thousands in which nothing sinister emerges.’