Meaning of foie gras in English:

foie gras

Pronunciation /fwɑː ˈɡrɑː/


  • 1The liver of a specially fattened goose or duck prepared as food.

    ‘Chef Dan Barber tells the story of a small farm in Spain that has found a humane way to produce foie gras.’
    • ‘The most well-known use for foie gras is the pate de foie gras, a rich pate containing at least 80% foie gras.’
    1. 1.1
      ‘I'm very surprised because she clearly ate the entire ravioli dish, foie gras and all.’
      • ‘In France dinner is always at a restaurant and I normally order foie gras and a sirloin steak.’
      • ‘A pressed slab of ham hock and foie gras were correct enough and their accompanying home-made piccalilli was bravely sour.’
      • ‘Warm lobster salad and seared foie gras with dried cherries might make it a little easier to stay on that diet.’
      • ‘Tie the ends tightly with string to form the foie gras into a sausage shape.’
      • ‘To assemble, place a foie gras slice in the center of each butternut squash ring.’
      • ‘A ravioli of foie gras, melon and light cheese tasted like mild soap.’
      • ‘Season and drizzle with the vinegar and lay the foie gras near the long edge of the plastic wrap.’
      • ‘Gently press foie gras and vegetables into the meat and season with salt and pepper.’
      • ‘The menu for yesterday's flight included caviar, foie gras in puff pastry, lobster and beef filet.’
      • ‘But that doesn't mean that there aren't lashings of lobster, foie gras and caviar on hand, too.’
      • ‘Place round slices of foie gras into the hollowed tuna slices to conceal the holes.’
      • ‘The foie gras is the only appetizer that could have benefited from some tough love.’
      • ‘As for the foie gras and truffle hamburger, small and raw on the inside, well, it lent a whole new meaning to the term fast food.’
      • ‘I will never forget the striped bass dish, or the beef, or the foie gras, or the oysters and pearls or the lobster.’
      • ‘It is also present in cherries, so he put cherries and almonds together with a roasted foie gras dish.’
      • ‘We both chose Fillet mignon on a potato and parsnip gratin with foie gras sauce as our main dish.’
      • ‘I adore foie gras, I revel in a roast chicken and I eat my steaks bloody.’
      • ‘I opted for a green salad with four kinds of cheese and foie gras with fruit.’
      • ‘Place two pieces of sautéed pineapple in the center of a plate and top with a slice of foie gras.’


French, ‘fat liver’.