Meaning of fold-out in English:



  • (of a page in a book or magazine or a piece of furniture) designed to be opened out for use and folded away for convenient storage.

    ‘a fold-out map’
    • ‘On the magazine's fold-out map, south of Australia, there is nothing but an uninterrupted sea of watercolour blue.’
    • ‘This lovingly crafted book features a postcard, a cruise time-table and a fold-out map of Lyra's Oxford.’
    • ‘Eight zoning commissioners sat around a long fold-out table in an open space at town hall.’
    • ‘The conversation this afternoon went thusly, on the seventh circuit of the carpark, on a mission to buy a CD player and a child's fold-out sofa.’
    • ‘The unchanging set, a disarray of metal, lights, tables, fold-out chairs and a five-piece band, is simple and grungy.’
    • ‘The album and it's fold-out sleeve are covered in a highly detailed drawing of the New York skyline, complete with the twin towers.’
    • ‘All that accompanies Blakely onstage is one fold-out chair, a small assortment of props and stage lights.’
    • ‘What started out as a couple of fold-out chairs along the station platform is now a mega event.’
    • ‘At the time we were sleeping on one of those old fold-out two seater foam couch things.’
    • ‘The colorful 9 1/4 x 6 1/4 fold-out card will fit on the music rack to remind students of effective practice procedures.’
    • ‘A number of non-berth seats were adjustable to a full-down position with fold-out foot stools Pan Am coined as ‘Sleeperettes.’’
    • ‘Microsoft's enviable Xbox 360 car was on-hand complete with three fold-out high-definition gameplay stations protruding from its boot.’
    • ‘All components built into easily portable, hardened, rubberized field case, including fold-out keyboard, LCD, and micro-mouse.’
    • ‘And it comes in a credit-card sized fold-out booklet.’
    • ‘Inside they found what a usual hotel room usually had, one queen-sized bed and one slightly smaller fold-out bed in the couch.’
    • ‘Standing up straight, he used the rifle's integral fold-out bipod to steady it, and peered through his ten power scope.’
    • ‘When he moved, he automatically turned and shifted his lanky, fold-out body to avoid bumping people he seemed not to see.’
    • ‘The set comes in another lengthy fold-out Digipak, which offends the sensibilities of some.’
    • ‘Of course, web developers want to extend their menus to something beyond another fold-out menu.’
    • ‘The case could also use an insert with fold-out wings, rather than the two flat ones, for better access.’


  • A fold-out page or piece of furniture.

    ‘The Saville volume features fold-outs and full-page details.’
    • ‘The box fold-out correctly shows the final episode in Season Two as ‘Ben?’’
    • ‘The packaging is attractive, and I love the plastic slipcover over the standard fold-out with gates, but I do have some minor quibbles.’
    • ‘The inside fold-out holds the three discs securely in their plastic molding, and the animated DVD menus are attractive as well.’
    • ‘Tables of contents are printed on the fold-out, along with a miniature full-color representation of each of the movie posters.’
    • ‘The DVD packaging is striking, a nice sepia-toned box with a classy fold-out inside to hold the DVDs.’
    • ‘A colorful cardboard fold-out attached to the video jacket also contains a complete script with translation of every word and section of the video.’