Meaning of folding door in English:

folding door


  • A door with vertical jointed sections that can be folded together to one side to allow access to a room or building.

    ‘To the side, folding doors give access to a utility room, an extension to the original property.’
    • ‘He did this for at least half an hour, before exiting the game room through some folding doors with hinges in the middle of the doors.’
    • ‘Double folding doors give access to the dining room, which also features a marble fireplace and a sash window.’
    • ‘Two hefty steel doors open up the spine to the court, and further sets of folding doors reveal the white room beyond.’
    • ‘Both the dining room and family room have double folding doors leading into a spacious and elegant conservatory.’
    • ‘Behind the screen is a tiny kitchen, disguised by folding doors.’
    • ‘Large sash windows overlooking the gardens ensure that the rooms, which are divided by double folding doors, are light-filled.’
    • ‘Double folding doors open onto the dining room behind.’
    • ‘To the right are the two main reception rooms - the living and dining rooms - which interconnect via folding doors.’
    • ‘We've got airplanes with folding doors, for example, and doors that slide into the walls.’
    • ‘A set of pine folding doors lead to the sitting room, which has similar period features and fitted shelving.’
    • ‘Like many houses of this era, there are two large reception rooms off the hallway connected by folding doors.’
    • ‘Finally he's done and about to close the folding doors on me as I step up into his bus and stand on the first step.’
    • ‘The kitchen was hidden behind folding doors and the bed disappeared under the stairway.’
    • ‘Also a new folding door system was constructed to adapt the facility to different size functions.’
    • ‘Large horizontally folding doors clad in coated steel can be opened up on warm days and for special functions.’
    • ‘Two large rooms, originally a set of bedrooms, which interconnect through folding doors are off to the left.’
    • ‘To the right, folding doors open through to a generously sized lounge.’
    • ‘The original panelled folding doors are still in place and there are views over the rear garden.’
    • ‘I grabbed my bag and headed for the folding door.’