Meaning of foliose in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfəʊlɪəʊs/ /ˈfəʊlɪəʊz/


  • (of a lichen) having a lobed, leaflike shape.

    ‘In foliose lichens, there is a second cortex below the medulla.’
    • ‘This tome includes detailed entries on more than 800 foliose, fruticose, and crustose lichens.’
    • ‘Therefore, no data were available in these species for the developmental transition of meristem from the juvenile to the mature foliose root.’
    • ‘G. mucronatus is common among algal mats and foliose macroalgae.’
    • ‘The mechanism of the limpet effect involved sheltering of the limpet by the foliose fronds of this turf-forming alga.’


Early 18th century from Latin foliosus, from folium ‘leaf’.