Meaning of folk medicine in English:

folk medicine


mass noun
  • Medicine using herbal and other remedies based on traditional beliefs.

    ‘garlic has been used in folk medicine for thousands of years’
    • ‘The use of plant infusions to cure many different types of diseases is very common in Brazilian folk medicine.’
    • ‘For the majority, there remained recourse to the popular healers of folk medicine.’
    • ‘Chapter 4 describes the history for the use of marijuana in folk medicine.’
    • ‘Massage is assumed to have developed from Chinese folk medicine.’
    • ‘He has approximately 30 people practicing the art of folk medicine in America.’
    • ‘Perhaps a systematic examination of the legacy of folk medicine can yield new therapeutic insights.’
    • ‘North American pioneers are thought to have developed folk medicine by studying the plants sick animals made use of.’
    • ‘Apitherapy began as a form of folk medicine, and even today, many of the people using it for therapeutic purposes do it themselves.’
    • ‘Dogbane is used in folk medicine as a diuretic, insecticide, and cardiac tonic, and for the treatment of haemorrhoids, epilepsy, eczema, and snakebite.’
    • ‘It's an intriguing mixture of folk medicine, professional medicine, and Roman Catholicism.’