Meaning of folk wisdom in English:

folk wisdom

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mass noun
  • The body of knowledge and experience that originates from the beliefs and opinions of ordinary people.

    ‘folk wisdom has ascribed the problem to children sleeping too deeply’
    • ‘His system of mind control was to create a book combining folk wisdom with propaganda.’
    • ‘What he sees is a consistent effort to integrate feminist ideology with folk wisdom.’
    • ‘The writer took a direct shot at folk wisdom.’
    • ‘The word 'spirit' resonates with enough folk wisdom to steer interpretation in a particular direction.’
    • ‘Attitudes towards danger embody a kind of folk wisdom which can be more stable than ever-changing scientific views.’
    • ‘He's just reflecting the folk wisdom prevalent in the valley.’
    • ‘Her granddaughters reinterpret her tales, finding in the folk wisdom of the Italian past all the energies of self-invention for the future.’
    • ‘The wisdom of the people—folk wisdom, for example—has amassed a great wealth of empirical discovery connected with healing.’
    • ‘Little of the folk wisdom drew on the findings of research or had undergone scholarly testing.’
    • ‘Even in the 21st century, patients still confront the age-old folk wisdom that illness is a punishment for moral failure.’