Meaning of folksonomy in English:



  • A user-generated system of classifying and organizing online content into different categories by the use of metadata such as electronic tags.

    • ‘Because of the word folksonomy, people assume it is for categorization.’
    • ‘And yet I keep having this feeling that folksonomy, and particularly amateur tagging, is profound in a way that the ‘no cheap metadata’ dictum doesn't cover.’
    • ‘Weinberger calls this grass-roots approach to organization folksonomy and predicts that it will diminish the role of experts.’
    • ‘Here's a deadly serious application for folksonomy: stitch together the historic record of the July 7th bombings.’
    • ‘When I found out it was folksonomy I was a little disappointed, to be honest.’
    • ‘Clever use of Flickr clusters can bring order to the random folksonomy of tagging.’
    • ‘There's no doubt about it: folksonomy is hot right now.’
    • ‘The impressionist's take on the folksonomy discussion between them is the best text for time-pressured people to read today.’


Early 21st century blend of folks (see folk) and taxonomy.