Meaning of folksy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfəʊksi/

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adjectiveadjective folksier, adjective folksiest

  • 1Having the characteristics of traditional culture and customs, especially in a contrived or artificial way.

    ‘the shop's folksy, small-town image’
    • ‘The concluding Allegro has a rollicking, folksy character, complete with a drone-like accompaniment.’
    • ‘The cold, clipped delivery and bizarre folksy expressions have also contributed to this.’
    • ‘Only once did this production stumble - in a folksy, slightly messy character dance performed by the Royal Fathers and Mothers.’
    • ‘The folksy image helped Immaculate hit $1 million in sales last year, up 82% over 2001.’
    • ‘Kadár makes good use of music as well, combining cheerful waltzes and polkas with more folksy, rustic sounds of Slovak fiddle music.’
    • ‘Many musical artists, in fact, are carrying on in the folksy, rootsy, revolutionary tradition of the 60s.’
    • ‘In a folksy, conversational two-page letter dated Sept.15, Mr. Libby assured Ms. Miller that he had wanted her to testify about their conversations all along.’
    • ‘While I thought they would aim more for a folksy sound, I was surprised by just how rockin’ many of the numbers are.’
    • ‘Heyward said that Schieffer's folksy give-and-take with the network's correspondents offered a hint of what CBS would ultimately unveil.’
    • ‘The cowpoke's folksy simile became ‘as high as an elephant's eye.’’
    • ‘True to its homesy folksy style, The Rooster has made its online edition a nostalgic experience for me.’
    • ‘Carnival of the Vanities is up again - in very folksy style this time.’
    • ‘But don't be fooled by such folksy familiarity.’
    • ‘The book is nicely laid out in a folksy, scrapbook style.’
    • ‘Cook's Country has a breezy, folksy style with the look of something out of the 1950s.’
    • ‘A common antebellum designation for the country, these United States survived in the 20th century in folksy idiomatic usage.’
    • ‘While the Kashmiri mode is delicate, and somewhat pallid, the Jammu style is bolder, more folksy, with hard outlines and fantastic colouring.’
    • ‘The Talmud governs nearly everything, yet never abandons its technical models drawn from everyday life, its almost folksy intricacy.’
    unsophisticated, unpolished, unrefined, plain, simple, rustic, folksy, artless, modest, natural
  • 2Informal and unpretentious.

    ‘his folksy, direct style’
    • ‘When I assumed office, I had this mindset that I would not change [from my informal, folksy ways].’
    • ‘Each topic is covered in the same folksy style, with the minimum of ‘geek-speak’ and the text is often amusing in the extreme.’
    • ‘His book adopts a folksy, conversational style, but doesn't really contain any new revelations.’
    • ‘Reaching out to the laymen in a folksy style, for him, art is for the sake of humanity.’
    • ‘The readings of Springsteen songs tend to be as folksy and colloquial as the material itself.’
    • ‘His style is rather folksy and personal, which also makes for easier reading.’
    • ‘‘I have a rustic and folksy voice, so the blend of folk and western music really works well,’ she stresses.’
    • ‘His temper and recklessness in such key moments contrast vividly with the folksy image he projects on the campaign trail.’
    • ‘The landslide victory put the peanut farmer on the political map and helped create the folksy image that eventually earned him the presidential nod.’
    • ‘But for the majority of US voters he cultivated the image of a cheerful folksy crusader who believed in simple certainties and strong moral messages.’
    • ‘Laskas writes in the first person and gives Elizabeth a simple, folksy voice in the tradition of oral story-telling.’
    • ‘The town of Harrington is sort of an anti-Mayberry - it has a quaint small-town feel, but the townspeople lack the requisite folksy charm.’
    • ‘I think we can all look forward to Mr. Dyotte's folksy, heartwarming, Norman-Rockwell-flavoured six-string stylings.’
    • ‘They're a San Francisco folksy rock duo (guitar + drums) who can do more with just two instruments than most bands with 5 members.’
    • ‘But these days, she's also ‘Mrs. Kate,’ a folksy singer/songwriter recording her seventh album.’
    • ‘Giuffre is dark, loose-pitched and rather Charles Lloyd-like on tenor sax; fragile and whispery on flute; east - European folksy on clarinet.’
    • ‘In 1989, Wendy's folksy founder Dave Thomas began a 13-year ad campaign that ended with his death in 2002.’
    colloquial, vernacular, idiomatic, demotic, non-standard, popular, dialectal, non-literary