Meaning of folliculitis in English:


Pronunciation /fəˌlɪkjʊˈlʌɪtɪs/


mass nounMedicine
  • Inflammation of the hair follicles.

    ‘Some people develop folliculitis, infected hair follicles.’
    • ‘However, it may also resemble seborrhea or folliculitis.’
    • ‘It is unclear whether they are true neoplasms or fibrous reactions to minor trauma, insect bites, viral infections, ruptured cysts, or folliculitis.’
    • ‘This inflammation of the entire follicle or the deeper portion of the hair follicle (isthmus and below) is called deep folliculitis.’
    • ‘Gram-negative folliculitis should be suspected if inflammatory acne worsens after several months of oral antibiotic therapy.’