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(also follow-my-leader)
  • 1A children's game in which the participants must copy the actions and words of a person who has been chosen as leader.

    ‘You would have thought I would have learned, but one day after my kiddie afternoon nap, he actually suggested playing a game - follow-my-leader.’
    • ‘They are sociable and playful, and like to chase, play follow-my-leader and bodysurf.’
    • ‘Joyuko complained, last again in the follow-the-leader game.’
    1. 1.1The copying of the actions of others, often without consideration of their suitability for oneself.
      ‘consumers play follow-the-leader when it comes to buying fashion’
      • ‘a follow-the-leader effect in the investments market’
      • ‘The Japanese Prime Minister found himself largely relegated to playing follow-the-leader.’
      • ‘The best collective ideas come out of diverse contributions, but some groups might have individuals so strong that others play follow-the-leader instead of thinking for themselves.’
      • ‘But it's not always wise to play follow-the-leader.’
      • ‘There is a sheep-like tendency among ornithologists to play follow-the-leader with regard to the terminology in this field, and I am as guilty as anyone.’
      • ‘True, the company may be playing follow-the-leader today.’
      • ‘Senior management wants to make sure that the return on investment is appropriate and they aren't just playing follow-the-leader.’
      • ‘‘There's a lot of follow-the-leader type mentality with national companies,’ said the executive director.’
      • ‘The carmaker has been known over much of the last decade for its timidly designed, mainstream sedans and compacts - real follow-the-leader stuff.’
      • ‘It is curious that the SEC allows high-profile investors to keep smaller holdings confidential, but leaves scope for follow-the-leader manipulation of the share price.’
      • ‘In some ways market forces generate follow-the-leader type adaptations that also work towards like units.’
      • ‘Rather than play follow-my-leader, far better to do your own research and make a name for yourself.’
      • ‘And the domestics seem to play a politically correct game of follow-the-leader and wonder why they continue to lose market share.’
      • ‘In this country, people have the follow-the-leader mentality.’
      • ‘The follow-the-leader approach favoured the Congress when it was Number One.’