Meaning of follow suit in English:

follow suit


  • 1(in bridge, whist, and other card games) play a card of the suit led.

    ‘When a non-trump is led, players who have a card of the suit led must either follow suit or play a trump.’
    • ‘Players must follow suit if possible - a player who cannot follow suit may discard any card.’
    • ‘You must follow suit if you can; if you cannot follow suit, any card may be played.’
    • ‘However, when a non-trump is led and you are following suit, there is no obligation to beat the cards previously played to the trick.’
    • ‘If a card which is not a trump is led, players who have cards of this suit must either follow suit or trump.’
    • ‘If there is a trump suit, a player who can follow suit must either follow suit or play a trump if possible.’
    • ‘In these places you are only allowed to play a trump if a trump is led, or if you are unable to follow suit to a non-trump lead.’
    • ‘If a non-trump is led and you can follow suit, you cannot play a Joker declaring it to be a trump.’
    • ‘When there are no trumps, a player who is unable to follow suit may play any card.’
    • ‘When a double is led everyone must follow suit with a double if possible.’
    1. 1.1Conform to another's actions.
      ‘Spain cut its rates by half a per cent but no other country has followed suit’
      • ‘And the rest follows suit, if you've got the aptitude and talent for it.’
      • ‘And algae follows suit, converting sunlight to growth.’
      • ‘Thankfully, the McGuinty government in Ontario kept its promise to raise cigarette taxes; let's hope the federal government follows suit.’
      • ‘If the boss pulls back then his company follows suit, no question.’
      • ‘A map with table numbers covering all seven divisions, trains and destinations and separate indices for Express and Passenger trains follows suit.’
      • ‘The rest of the young cast follows suit, miming up a storm, sipping imaginary sacramental wine from invisible chalices.’
      • ‘The Downtown Arts District follows suit, with an open house.’
      • ‘Janu follows suit and they share the spoils of quitting.’
      • ‘And if the hotel in Robertstown follows suit it could be another desperate blow to the entire Northwest Kildare area.’
      • ‘The darker, more downhome Black Letter Days follows suit with a similar, constantly undulating quality level.’
      emulate, copy, take as a model, model oneself on, take as a pattern, pattern oneself after, pattern oneself on, follow the example of, take as an example, take as a role model, take after, follow, follow in someone's footsteps, follow in someone's steps