Meaning of follow through in English:

follow through

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phrasal verb

  • 1also follow something through, follow through somethingContinue an action or task to its conclusion.

    ‘don't promise a reward and then not follow through’
    • ‘this point is never followed through’
    • ‘what is preventing students from following through on their plans?’
    complete, bring to completion, bring to a finish, continue to the end, see something through
  • 2(in golf, cricket, and other sports) continue the movement of a stroke after the ball has been struck.

    ‘Wilson followed through to force the ball past his former team mate, receiving a knock in the process.’
    • ‘The goal came about after Doran had collected a sideline ball from Walsh and followed through to the back of the net.’
    • ‘All you need is a Belichick-like game plan and the courage to follow through with it.’
    • ‘Berard was struck in the eye by the stick of the Senators' Marian Hossa, who was following through on a shot.’
    • ‘His right knee followed through and struck Frankie's groin with such force that he was thrown several feet into the air.’
    • ‘I did as he told me, keeping my eyes focused on the back of the target ball as I smoothly followed through with the cue.’
    • ‘Jessica slid her hands down as she continued to follow through on the choreography.’
    • ‘Watch the fingers as the player follows through.’
    • ‘As his knees unbend, his right hand follows through toward the target.’
    • ‘When batting lefthanded, Castillo will try to release his top hand as he follows through after contact.’