Meaning of followee in English:


Pronunciation /ˌfɒləʊˈiː/


  • 1A person who is being tracked on a social media website or application.

    ‘some people were upset that followers and followees are displayed on your public profile page’
    • ‘The number of people a user actually communicates with eventually stops increasing while the number of followees can continue to grow indefinitely.’
    • ‘Users with many followers or followees post updates more infrequently than those with few followers or followees.’
    • ‘Below this comes a stream of Twitter-like postings from your followees.’
    • ‘In response to the privacy concerns, Google said it has tweaked Buzz so you can more easily hide your lists of followers and followees.’
    • ‘This implies the existence of two different networks: a very dense one made up of followers and followees, and a sparser and simpler network of actual friends.’
    • ‘It has simply gone through your email inbox and designated some of those with whom you correspond frequently as followees.’
    • ‘To assess the size of the social network that matters we need to consider those people who actually communicate though direct messages with each other, as opposed to the network created by the declared followers and followees.’
    • ‘I just want the part where it lets me easily find my followers / followees so I can follow them there too.’
    • ‘You can hide the list of unsolicited followers / followees from your profile page, but to do so you have to click "edit profile" and uncheck the box next to "display the list of people I'm following and people following me".’
    • ‘Who will be my 100th twitter followee?’
    • ‘The things our friends and followees share are the main reasons we visit these sites.’
    • ‘By analyzing the words people use on Twitter, and the back-and-forth between followers and followees, she can make a good estimate of people's personality.’
    • ‘You can go back through your existing followees and put them into lists, and as you follow new people, simply put them into lists as appropriate.’
    • ‘Despite her affection for 140-character expression, her Twitter ledger is filled with followers, but not followees.’
    • ‘This is a wonderful tool that not only shows you the last 200 tweets made by your followers and followees but it also helps in organizing the replies that were directed to you, the direct messages, search terms and the latest activities and news.’
  • 2A person who is being followed.

    ‘tailgaters are fools—if an accident happens, the follower gets the blame, not the followee’
    • ‘The only times it has happened to me have been when the followee is driving either too fast or just not really understanding the difficulties of the follower, having to weave and push and dodge through traffic.’
    • ‘A bunch of people got between us (because he was a bad followee) and wouldn't pass him so I couldn't catch up.’
    • ‘This requires extra effort on the part of the followee, because you have to be aware of your lane, and the lane to your left, and the next 100 feet behind you as well.’
    • ‘Of course, not everyone likes being followed, so I try to be courteous and stay at least a few yards behind and to the side of the followee.’
    • ‘In most surveillances the most important rule is: it's better to lose the followee than to let her catch you following her.’
    • ‘The follower had to keep a respectable distance behind the followee, while avoiding the traffic and stoplights that could easily cause a separation.’