Meaning of Fon in English:


Pronunciation /fɒn/

nounplural noun Fon, plural noun Fons

  • 1A member of a people inhabiting the southern part of Benin.

    ‘The Fon (founders of the Dahomey kingdom) are the largest group.’
    • ‘The most obvious African kin of Caribbean religions are the practices of the Yoruba and the Fon.’
    • ‘Worsening relations between expansionist France and the warlike Fon of the West African kingdom of Dahomey came to a head in 1890.’
    • ‘The Asante, Ewe, Fon and Fante peoples provided the bulk of imports into Barbados.’
  • 2mass noun The language of the Fon, belonging to the Kwa group, with about 1 million speakers.

    ‘Fifty percent of the population speaks Fon.’
    • ‘She is a three-time Grammy nominee who sings in English, French and two African languages, Yoruba and Fon.’
    • ‘Kidjo sings primarily in the West African languages of Fon and Yoruba.’
    • ‘The two major languages in the south are Fon and Yoruba.’


  • Relating to the Fon or their language.

    ‘The puppets wear the clothing and regalia of Fon chiefs, attesting to the interethnic community of Nago and Fon peoples.’
    • ‘The six Yoruba markings (three on each cheek), and the ten Fon markings (two on each cheek, temples, and forehead) are readily discernible.’
    • ‘He painted Avlekete, the Fon spirit of the sea, outside, next to the wall of juxtaposed African and African Diaspora Vodun symbols.’
    • ‘Other subjects are diverse: the slave trade to Tsarist Russia, Fon proverbs, and the heritage of the slave trade in the literature of areas that received large slave populations.’
    • ‘I know that the Fon tribe are inclined to construct interminable systems of analogies between events or between people.’
    • ‘Meanwhile captive Fon dignitaries, hoping to secure a French withdrawal, suggested Behanzin's brother Goutchile (later renamed Agoli-Agbo) as a puppet king.’
    • ‘For the Fon people, the primacy of Eshu (whom they call Legba) comes about through his linguistic ability, his proficiency at communicating.’
    • ‘The traditional dances of the Fon people are well-known.’
    • ‘It was also possible in some societies, such as the Fon kingdom of Dahomey or the Igbo, for a woman to acquire the rights of a husband over another woman.’
    • ‘Today Benin includes not only the ancient Fon kingdom of Dahomey but also areas inhabited by many other groups.’
    • ‘For in talking about his native Fon tribe, Olympe is talking about language in general and about writing novels in particular.’


The name in Fon.