Meaning of fone in English:


Pronunciation /fəʊn/


  • A phone.

    • ‘I switched my fone to silent’
    • ‘My fone is at home.’
    • ‘Must catch up, will txt when i get another fone.’
    • ‘I'm musing over getting a camera fone - then you could do nifty montages - anyone tried this?’
    • ‘Where can I get some credit for my fone?’
    • ‘I thought it was a dodgy fone call and put the fone down.’
    • ‘The chocolate squeezed through the keypad onto the insides of the fone.’
    • ‘Where is my cell fone?’
    • ‘My wife and i are traveling the country in our rv and using the fone and laptop to keep in touch with our grandkids.’
    • ‘When u need help its only a fone call away!’


Early 20th century informal respelling of phone.