Meaning of fons et origo in English:

fons et origo

Pronunciation /ˌfɒnz ɛt ˈɒrɪɡəʊ/ /fɒnz ɛt ɒˈrʌɪɡəʊ/


  • The source and origin of something.

    ‘they recognized the sixties as the fons et origo of music as they knew it’
    • ‘At Cheltenham the sport is the fons et origo of the entire three days.’
    • ‘The fons et origo of authority in that system - corporal punishment - will be absent from the series in spite of cane-flexing publicity photographs.’
    • ‘Water is the universal congress of potentialities, the fons et origo, which precedes all form and all creation.’
    • ‘Although cult images are recognized as the fons et origo of superstition and error, the legislation is unequivocal about saving them.’
    • ‘It started with a spurt, from the heart I assume (the fons et origo of emotion according to experts).’
    • ‘Sir Walter Scott's Waverley of 1814 is in many ways the fons et origo of the nineteenth-century historical novel.’
    beginning, start, origination, genesis, birth, dawning, dawn, emergence, inception, launch, creation, birthplace, cradle, early stages, conception, inauguration, foundation, outset


Latin, originally as fons et origo mali ‘the source and origin of evil’.