Meaning of food baby in English:

food baby


  • A protruding stomach caused by eating a large quantity of food and supposedly resembling that of a woman in the early stages of pregnancy.

    • ‘a very small bump was visible in the tight frock, although it could easily have been mistaken for a food baby’
    • ‘I woke up, went downstairs to get in the shower, looked at myself in the mirror and was just horrified at the state of the food baby.’
    • ‘The days you do feel like you've got a food baby going on, get some exercise and write about what you feel and see if you can find a pattern.’
    • ‘But whether her rounded belly is carrying a food baby or a real one remains a mystery for now.’
    • ‘You know you haven't eaten enough until you get a food baby!’
    • ‘I'm the proud mama of a food baby due to tonight's wedding anniversary sushi feast.’
    • ‘Just had the biggest dinner ever!!! Now I have a food baby!’
    • ‘The size 20 jeans I've just bought are the only ones that fit around the food baby and don't look like clown pants around my hips and thighs!’
    • ‘The salty caramel milkshake was absolutely delish and left me with a food baby through lunch the next day.’
    • ‘I never had trouble getting a seat on the train or bus, even in the early days when my belly could have been just a food baby.’