Meaning of food coma in English:

food coma


  • A state of sleep or extreme lethargy induced by the consumption of a large amount of food.

    • ‘I fell into a post-dinner food coma’
    • ‘I couldn't resist a double espresso for dessert, which was necessary to ward off a food coma at work.’
    • ‘Others lounge around in their living rooms in a food coma, amid piles of crumpled wrapping paper.’
    • ‘Afterwards, I sat in a food coma for some time waiting for the Superbowl festivities to begin.’
    • ‘You can't go wrong with the Mexicana platter - it will have you in a food coma asap.’
    • ‘They serve an incredibly large Italian beef sandwich that will put you into quite the food coma.’
    • ‘I slowly slid down into my seat and settled in for an enjoyable food coma.’
    • ‘Come here, order a triple decker, and feel the food coma set in.’
    • ‘And the portion is perfect, not enough to weigh you down with food coma.’
    • ‘I was thorougly delighted with the meal and promptly entered into a food coma from its deliciousness!’
    • ‘Once my food coma finally wore off, I headed to the races.’
    • ‘Their pizza is more doughy than cheesy, so although we did feel like fat kids afterwards we weren't in a food coma.’
    • ‘Even though my friend and I were in a complete food coma, we rounded out the dinner with chocolate cake and raspberry sauce.’