Meaning of food processing in English:

food processing


mass noun
  • The action of performing a series of mechanical or chemical operations on food in order to change or preserve it.

    ‘food processing is important to the economy’
    • ‘the food processing industry’
    • ‘The resale fair offers a wide range of machinery from food processing machines to commercial vehicles.’
    • ‘Our government allows thousands of synthetic substances to be used in conventional food processing.’
    • ‘Southern Idaho offers numerous advantages for any dairy or food processing operation.’
    • ‘Licensed across the nation, our professionals remain on the cutting edge of food processing technology.’
    • ‘The term 'flexible' can apply to the operations side of the food processing business.’
    • ‘This line of plate heat exchangers features plate geometry specifically designed for liquid food processing.’
    • ‘Fewer bacterial pathogens in the gut can significantly reduce the chance of carcass contamination during food processing.’
    • ‘Making salad mix is now borderline food processing, in the eyes of various authorities around the country.’
    • ‘The food processing sector has a role to play in protecting the farmers against distress sale.’
    • ‘Many questions have been raised regarding the causes of the demise of one of California's leading food processing cooperatives.’