Meaning of food science in English:

food science

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mass noun
  • The study of the chemical and physical properties of foods and of changes that may occur during processing, storage, etc.

    ‘she received her master's degree in food science in June’
    • ‘Ideas about healthy nourishment, particularly with the development of food science in the 19th century, spawned new eating behaviours.’
    • ‘Food science wasn't originally the purpose of the show.’
    • ‘Food science is a very young branch of academia that is still based on averages.’
    • ‘Here's a little food science: Too much heat causes a chemical reaction that makes yolks turn grey-green.’
    • ‘My interest in food science was somewhat serendipitous.’
    • ‘Cooking is the most natural thing in the world (we all have to eat), but food science?’
    • ‘An assistant professor of food science at the university led the study.’
    • ‘The language of the 'nutrition information' on food packaging is in fact that of food science.’
    • ‘Over the past decade, protein-surfactant complexes have been studied extensively in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, and food science.’
    • ‘The agencies have teamed up to create another program for teachers, this time in the area of food science.’