Meaning of food subsidy in English:

food subsidy


  • A financial contribution made by the state or a public body to help agricultural industries keep the price of certain foods low.

    ‘his support collapsed after he cut food subsidies’
    • ‘He opposed the incoming government's introduction of food subsidies to curb inflation.’
    • ‘Even more wealthy Brazilians supported a campaign to end hunger by providing a basic food subsidy to all poor people.’
    • ‘A total of 78 per cent of respondents were in favour of state-backed food subsidies to reduce the cost of basic food items.’
    • ‘Only in Germany were respondents against food subsidies, albeit by a slim majority.’
    • ‘The allocation for the food subsidy shows hardly any increase.’
    • ‘Many food subsidies there, in particular for animal fats, were abolished.’
    • ‘The country's food subsidy of 1 per cent of GDP is not high by international standards.’
    • ‘The hidden agenda of the committee is to reduce this food subsidy to 0.2 per cent.’
    • ‘Friday's announcements attempt to minimize the food subsidy burden on the budget.’
    • ‘To ensure low food prices in urban areas, developing country governments have been obliged to spend beyond their means on direct consumer food subsidies.’