Meaning of food supply in English:

food supply

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nounplural noun food supplies

  • A stock of food supplied or available for use.

    ‘the winter was harshly cold and food supplies were almost nonexistent’
    • ‘Most participants completed a questionnaire about their access to adequate food supplies.’
    • ‘Agricultural science has provided the leadership required to meet the demand for an increasing world food supply.’
    • ‘Harder to measure with computer simulations is the perception of danger in the food supply.’
    • ‘What I decided to do was recreate a food supply.’
    • ‘Americans have lost control over their own food supply.’
    • ‘Once a month, she travels two hours by bus to stock up on food supplies in the nearest large city.’
    • ‘Abundance, not scarcity, best describes the world's food supply.’
    • ‘Americans enjoy the safest, most abundant food supply on Earth.’
    • ‘There is absolutely no safe food supply in our market today.’
    • ‘Entrusting our food supply to multinational, vertically integrated corporations increases our vulnerability.’