Meaning of foodstuff in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfuːdstʌf/


  • A substance suitable for consumption as food.

    ‘the people depend on sago starch as a basic foodstuff’
    • ‘rationing of staple foodstuffs was introduced’
    • ‘The assumed relation between purchase of foodstuffs and food consumption is probably reasonable.’
    • ‘Basic foodstuffs such as sugar, flour and cooking oil have disappeared from supermarket shelves.’
    • ‘There were frequent power cuts and only limited supplies of bread and other basic foodstuffs.’
    • ‘We have been mentioning the shortage of basic foodstuffs in the stores of Zimbabwe.’
    • ‘In a typical test, 50 or 60 substances representing different foodstuffs are tested.’
    • ‘The January price increase affected rice, milk, meat and cheese, among other foodstuffs.’
    • ‘The two most common foodstuffs in Holland seem to be chocolate and cheese.’
    • ‘Remember that pasta is not a staple foodstuff when it's completely al dente.’
    • ‘For those who have the means, a suitable amount of foodstuffs to lay by would be the quantity that they ordinarily use in one week.’
    • ‘Clay pots were also produced that could store grain and other foodstuffs.’
    • ‘The fuel price hike will eventually lead to an increase in the prices of staple foodstuffs and transportation.’
    • ‘Manufacturers regularly added chalk to bread and more unsavoury unnatural ingredients to other foodstuffs.’
    • ‘Stacia's lasting memory of wartimes was the difficulty they had of getting basic foodstuffs.’
    • ‘With a bulk shop online once every few weeks you can top up on all basic foodstuffs and household items.’
    • ‘But he discovered there were no basic foodstuffs in the house and drove back into town to get some.’
    • ‘A long-handled spoon helps to savour the foodstuff in small and leisurely mouthfuls, in true connoisseur's style.’
    • ‘The strike had a severe impact on grocery stores nationwide, with many lacking the most basic foodstuffs.’
    • ‘We are talking about whether to spend money on a bus fare to the nearest clinic or buy basic foodstuffs.’
    • ‘Even in Haflong, the markets are grappling to supply adequate foodstuffs.’
    • ‘When empty do not use this pack to store foodstuffs, it says.’
    nourishment, sustenance, nutriment, subsistence, fare, bread, daily bread